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Real Case story #1

“I am a DENTIST busy managing two offices and hired Attorney Kim recently. My Cell. # is (310) 528-5840. Alex Denes, DDS, PhD. Mr. Phillip Kim is a very knowledgeable and efficient immigration attorney. I was extremely pleased on how he handled the immigration of my father-in-law. His office staff is courteous and always returned my calls and email inquiries in a timely fashion. His Fresno office is very clean and he has extremely good knowledge of the US immigration law. I felt very safe having him handle our case. I am confident that you will not benefit of the same level of professionalism elsewhere. I am a busy professional, dentist with 2 offices and time and efficiency matters more. All that said, I found his fees to be extremely reasonable relative to the kind of service that he provides. I congratulate him on his knowledge and dedication as well as I congratulate his office staff for their professionalism. You may call my Cell. # (310) 528-5840. Dr. Alex Denes, DDS, PhD.

Real Case #2

I am a REGISTERED NURSE and you may call my Cell # (559) 802-7124 to ask about Attorney Phillip Kim's work. My father just went through very lengthy difficult deportation proceedings. We hired our first lawyer, who lost our case. That’s when we hired Attorney Kim, who appealed and took our case to San Francisco Immigration Court. He attended our hearings in Court and finally won our case. My father now has a Green Card. The entire case took over two years because USCIS denied my father's Green Card filed by First Attorney we hired. We were extremely worried and mentally exhausted by the fear of Deportation but Attorney Phillip Kim assured us that we would win in Immigration Court and we finally did. If you have a Deportation Case or are about to be deported, please call me. I will tell you how Attorney Kim helped my father with his Deportation case. My Cell # is (559) 802-7124.” – by Nalleli Medina, RN; Tulare, CA



real case #3

I am a SUPERVISOR at a local casino. You may call my Cell # (818) 205-4947 if you have any Qs about Kim & Wong Law Group. My wife and I went to Attorney Phillip Kim so that he could help my wife and son apply for their green cards. As a supervisor I have a very busy schedule and is always in and out but Attorney Phillip Kim was willing to work with my schedule and kept me on top of all the paperwork that we needed. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. Attorney Phillip Kim also attended our Green Card Interview with us and helped us answer questions  at the Interview. We got Approval in 20 minutes at the Interview. My wife and I could not have been any happier. You can contact me at (818) 205-4947. – by Carlos & Evangeline VITA; California




Kim & Wong Law Group is a full-service immigration law firm providing legal representation to individuals and companies throughout the United States.


Our attorneys practice exclusively in the areas of Immigration and Citizenship law; and have built a great reputation in the industry as providing excellent legal services with reasonable legal fees and payment plans.


Our clients range from individuals and families to large companies, hospitals and governmental agencies, such as Coalinga State Hospital, which hires us to bring talented Medical Doctors on H-1B visas.


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Our attorneys offer legal assistance with a high degree of specialized knowledge. Years of experience and our in-depth knowledge guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions. Browse through our website to learn more about our legal practice and the practice areas of law.

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