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K-1 Fiance Visa

Kim & Wong Law Group has almost 100% Approval records on K-1 Fiance Visas.

Here are Our Clients' Real Case Stories-

“Attorney Phillip Kim did a great job on our case. He helped me bring my Fiancee to the United States without any problem or delay. Attorney Phillip Kim also helped my Fiancee apply for her Green Card, which took only a few months. My Fiancee (my wife now) and I are extremely thankful for what he has done for us. Attorney Phillip Kim attended our green card interview and surprised to say, we were not nervous at all during the interview because Mr. Kim had fully prepped us for the questions that we should expect to be asked at the interview. The interview was very smooth and the officer approved our case in 15 minutes right there. We would gladly recommend him to anyone who needs immigration help. If you would like to hear more about our experience with Attorney Phillip Kim, you can call my Cell. # at (559) 801-6036. – by Jose & Leticia CARLOS; from Fresno, CA


“Attorney Kim is an excellent attorney. He helped my entire family immigrate to the United States. First, Attorney Phillip Kim helped me become a US citizen within four months. Then, he helped me bring my Fiancee to US. After we got married, he helped my Fiancee obtain a Green Card. After my successful case, Attorney Phillip Kim helped my Brother bring his Wife to the US. We also brought our Mother to the US with the help of Attorney Phillip Kim. He also helped my friends who did not speak English become US citizens with English Waivers. Attorney Phillip Kim's legal fees are very reasonable and affordable. You can call my Cell. at (559) 321-3402 to ask about Attorney Kim's practice.” – by Andy Wu; Selma, CA


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Our clients' Fiancees come from all over the world including, but not limited to:

Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Latvia,

Kazakhstan, Estonia, Moldova, Czech Republic,

India, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria,

Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand,

China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan,

Italy, France, Spain, England, Greece, Turkey,

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland,

Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, South Africa,

Egypt, LIbya, Algeria, Tanzania, Sudan,

Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador,

Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, etc.


Click Here for Our Clients' Real Case Stories.

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